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Hello !!,

I am Amrit Tyagi your Sports blog friend.If you are as enthuisiastic and passionate about sports as me then keep updated with your favourite sports here.

This blog will cover all the actions of cricket,football,basketball,golf,volleyball etc along with the premier league action going around the globe.Some sports fans just didn’t read about the current sports matches they also do wanted to know some trivia as well as some incidents or others on and off field emotions that shows the sportsmanship of an individual.

Sports is played among the individual just not for fitness as majority of people do think when they realise that it’s time to get fit why not play sports?But apart from this fact it also make people to develop healthy and positive competition among themselves and it also help to develop qualities of an individual like leadership,sportsmanship,bringing the people of different countries together and in last it teaches you to respect your teammates and opponents.