Messi Ronaldo

Sportifyi as per name it describe how the viewer will get updated all sports, never miss any updates regarding any tournaments and sports news. We will be covering various summer sports , team sports ,individual sports, Olypmics, Asian games , sports trivia and Winter sports .

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Widely popular among commonwealth countries and now reaching to almost every country of the world like US , Singapore, African countries etc. Cricket fans all around the globe really wants to see even small action taking place in the world.

For Indian’s Cricket is not just a game but it is considered as a religion . The God of Cricket is here known as “Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar”. We have a King as well popularly known as “King Kohli”. We are right now dominating the world in terms of cricket, However we are also nurturing our future stars.


Football also known as soccer is the most popular game in the globe. No need to Introduce this game to the the viewers. Football legends like Messi And Ronaldo has made it into every home.

Football Staduim


Badminton is a racquet sport played using racquets and shuttles. Highly popular in India, China , Japan, Malaysia , Singapore and other South East Asian Countries , but it doesn’t mean it is not globally played .Some of the Famous tournaments of Badminton are BWF World Championships, All England Open, Thomas and Uber cup, Sudirman Cup and BWF Grand Pix Series.


Ice Hockey

Winter Sports Such as Ice Hockey, Ski Jumping, Snowboarding, ski Biking and many more are generally played in North Regions of the world. Even Winter Olympics Games and Commonwealth Games are organised where Various Countries take part in them. Winter Sports are Full of Adventure and Excitement